Arthur Louis Burnett, M.D.

Faculty Information
Department Affiliation(s) Urology
Rank Professor
Office 410-955-1042
Fax 410-614-3695
SOM Address Room 407 Marburg Building

Research Interests

Novel Neurotransmission in the Pelvis Efforts to improve erectile function recovery following radical prostatectomy are related to research activities that center on developing chemical compounds for application to nerves of the pelvis associated with erectile function at the time of surgery.? Recently, in collaboration with neuroscientists, we have focused on establishing a role for neuroimmunophilins, proteins that appear to reduce inflammation and protect nerves from injury.? Experimental? models in rats with cavernous nerve injury and erectile dysfunction similar to that found in men after radical prostatectomy have been used in which these proteins have afforded nerve protection and preservation of erectile function. Related to this research are interests in the neurophysiology and vascular physiology of penile erection.


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