Carlos Tristan

Student Information
Year 2007
Undergraduate BS, California State University
Mentor Dr. Akira Sawa

Thesis Project

Elucidating the Biological Significance of the GAPDH Stress-signaling Cascade in Neurological Disorders

In the past decade the glycolytic enzyme glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) once considered a simple “housekeeping” protein has been shown to be involved in processes far beyond glycolysis. Studies have repeatedly confirmed that GAPDH plays important roles in cellular processes that range from acting as a metabolic switch and survival molecule to membrane fusion. The multifunctional properties of GAPDH are regulated by oligomerization, post-translational modifications and its subcellular localization. Our studies suggest that GAPDH may have a novel role, as a sensor or modulator of stress that performs distinct functions throughout the cell. By analyzing the GAPDH stress-signaling cascade we hope to gain insight into the biological significance of this cascade in neurological disorders