Diane Heiser

Student Information
Year 2007
Undergraduate BS, Princeton University
Mentor Dr. Curt Civin
Email dheiser1@jhmi.edu

Thesis Project

microRNA Function in Normal and Disease-state Hematpoiesis

microRNA play an important regulatory role in many cellular and physiological systems. It is the goal of our lab to elucidate the function of these regulators in controlling hematopoiesis. We have isolated several distinct populations of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) based on known cell surface markers, in order to profile both microRNA and mRNA expression. By comparing expression between these populations we hope to identify microRNA involved in stem cell self-renewal and differentiation decisions along several hematopoietic lineages. mRNA expression data will allow investigation into possible targets of candidate microRNA. A second comparison has been performed between wild-type HSPCs and those from a FLT3-ITD knock-in mouse model of myeloproliferative disease. By identifying differences in both microRNA and mRNA expression in normal vs. disease stem cell compartments we hope to identify key regulators in leukemogenesis, as well as potential targets in the treatment of AML.