Donald L. Price, M.D.

Faculty Information
Department Affiliation(s) Departments of Pathology,Neurology Neuroscience
Rank Professor
Office 410-955-5568
Fax 410-955-9777
Email [mailto: ]
SOM Address Room 558 Ross Research Building
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Research Interests

Neurobiology of human diseases (particularly neurodegenerative disorders), genetically engineered models, and experimental therapeutics

Investigations involve: clinical‑pathological-biochemical features of human illnesses, particularly like Alzheimer's Disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s Disease (PD); analyses of the processes leading to selective vulnerability of specific neuronal systems in these diseases; creation and characterization of transgenic mice expressing mutant genes implicated in these illnesses; investigations of the mechanisms whereby mutations cause neural abnormalities in vitro and in vivo; analyses of the outcomes of targeting specific genes to assess the functions of gene products in disease and to identify new therapeutic targets; and testing of experimental treatments in animal models to facilitate new therapies for human illnesses.


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