Laurene Cheung

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Laurene Cheung

Student Information
Year 2009
Undergraduate BA, University of California, Berkeley
Mentor Dr. Bill Bishai
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Thesis Project

Effect of Bacterial Second Messengers on Host Immune Response and Bacterial Signaling

I am investigating the role of cyclic di-nucleotides made by M. tb. on the host response to the bacteria. While humans and bacteria both make the second messenger cAMP, cyclic di-nucleotides are made exclusively by bacteria. Currently, the effects of cyclic di nucleotides produced by M. tb on host cells is unknown, however, it has been shown that Listeria monocytogenes is able to induce an interferon response through the production of these molecules. I would like to know whether M. tb. elicits a similar response and to elucidate the pathway that leads to induction.